2009 m. sausio 31 d., šeštadienis

Jei nieko prieš lenkus neturite

Lenkai visgi didesni vampyrų fanai nei mes. Jie sugebėjo pastatyti miuziklą "Vampyrų šokis". Tarsi mes nesugebėtume? (Reikia džiaugtis, kad mes bent "Svynį Todą" statome). O dabar dar neseniai teko paklausyti vienos geros vampyriškos dainos. Aš ne šiaip sau ją čia miniu visgi, bet todėl, kad čia ne šiaip sau vampires are still alive la la la, bet labai rimti žodžiai... Man net asocijuojas su Drakulos istorija... Pateikiu kartu ir verstus žodžius.

"Wampir" paklausysite čia (jei norite ją atsisiųsti, šitą linką nukopijuokite čia, pasirinkite wrzuta serverį, o galiausiai save as target)


It was time of wars and corpses were laying the hills
Together with beloved we run to the mountains
There we lived happily for many months
But fate turned and didn’t want to know us anymore
My beloved felt into illness
In day weak, in night doesn’t sleep, is delirious till morning
Whiter and whiter she becomes
I wish her stay alive, own blood I give away…
She drinks hungrily, blushes more
With other eyes she looks at me
That how I become a vampire, blood every night I want
Together with beloved I search villages
And even if they are locking the gates
Won’t run from the vampire living creature
And not a day, but a night favors vampire
Young girl, young breast and young throat
We had a good time, every night we were drinking
The craziness of love we were wet-nursing
But vampire hunter by the folks called
Rammed stake in her breast, while I was sleeping tired
And so I remained alone – her body was burned
Hellish flames, wind scattered the ashes
On medieval ages let’s sidle curtains
Years five hundreds I’ve lived lonely, without wife
Today around me cars are dashing off
Even though I am old, I still feel young
On the red market with human blood I trade
This is the best business, prospering well
On the blood-giving points I look on the donators
Young and fresh blood I still covet
Then I saw her, whole in white standing
In white surgery she was admitting donators
In this one while I understood everything
And to get closer to her I gave my own blood
Your blood is different – who are You, say honestly
And oblivion already is taking me in its arms
I am vampire, I confessed her silently
But I love – for You I won’t be blood drinker
But she, scared with my exhaustion
Own blood is in loving sacrifice giving me
So I drink hungrily from her neck sweet blood
Serene moonlight is coming through the window
I met her like that again, already opens window
With other eyes she looks at me
Because who own blood gives to vampire
Different will be from now on – turns into vampire
And not a day, but a night favors vampire
Young girl, young breast and young throat

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