2009 m. kovo 3 d., antradienis

Drakuliški ledai

Ar mėgstate ledus? Aš, deja, ne. Bet ar žinojote, kad japonai ne tik gali išrasti sintetinį kraujo gėrimą vampyrams (aš čia jau referuoju į "True Blood" :D), bet ir drakuliškus ledus?
Pvz. česnakų skonio ir mėtiniai česnakų ledai. Skaniai skamba, ar ne? Brr...


Garlic Ice Cream (Dorakyura Aisu)At last! An ice cream that lets everybody around you know you've eaten it! Garlic-flavored Dracula Ice Cream is a summer delight you can really get your teeth into. Designed to ward off vampires, the irregular selection of flavoring may ward off a few ice cream lovers, too. Garlic may well be a wonderful condiment for an assortment of foods, but, appropriately for the substance vampires really hate, this is bloody awful. Incidentally, Garlic Ice Cream was made in the tiny Aomori Prefecture village of Shingo, which claims to be the place where Jesus Christ's grave is located.

Dracula Cool Garlic Mint Ice Cream にんにくとミントアイス -- Called “Dracula” because of its supposed effectiveness against vampires due to the garlic it contains, the unfortunate addition of mint flavor almost seems enough to drain anybody’s blood. A taste that seems to leave the mouth in a state of the undead. Definitely not to be eaten in daylight (and nighttimes are best avoided, too).

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