2009 m. rugpjūčio 11 d., antradienis

Kai vakarais liūdna ir šalia nėra vampyrų

Tai visad gali pralinksminti freakai! :DDDDDDDDDD
(pokalbis vyksta InterPals svetainėje)
kažkoks vyrukas: hi from dark germany ;)Di am interested in vampires if the vampire is a lady like you and she will bite me till i am her slave for life ;) yess i like Slavery ;))so come over me one dark and cold night and take my life away......
Aš jam ir pasakiau, jei nori bites, atskrisk!
Atsakymas: hey from not so far away then you think ;)) i just could take a flight to vilnius then i rent a car and come to kaunas ... just to obey and get bite by unbelivable you! ;) would be a pleasure for me to feel the last thing in my life--your lips and byte on my necK ;)) in mind i am with you ... my passion.. greetings from southwest germany .... marky
Velnias, tikrai norėčiau jam nuleisti kraują, pagalvojau :DDDDDDDDDDDD

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