2009 m. rugpjūčio 16 d., sekmadienis

Vakaras su Facebook ir Anne

Wow, mane tokios naktinės žinutės tiesiog svaigina!

"There is news today on the web about Lestat and a possible movie; I can't confirm any of it; but that doesn't mean the rumors aren't true. When I do have some official word from my agents, I will post on my website, and probably here.... In the meantime, I imagine Lestat is delighted to be in the news. The Brat Prince loves attention."
"One good thing about these uncomfirmed rumors on the web about Robert Downey Jr. and that he might play Lestat: the web is full of interesting pix of Robert Downey, Jr. who for my money is an immensely talented actor of great range and depth, who can... do anything from Iron Man to the marvelous period movie Restoration. I think the Brat Prince is happy to hear of all this.
"Not only is Robert Downey Jr. a great actor, there is something undeniably impish and effortlessly charming about him. I'd say he is something of a brat prince himself. I loved Iron Man!"
"Frankly, I'd be very happy if Robert Downey Jr. played Lestat. I think he's a powerhouse of an actor; he'd do it with style and brilliance. But I don't know whether the rumors about this are true or not. This is just an opinion: Robert Downey Jr. as Lestat: yes."
"It's no secret that I want to see new Lestat films. I wrote eleven books in the Vampire Chronicles and only a small part of the material has been tapped. I'd be thrilled if Robert Downey Jr. did do Lestat. He has the face, the voice, the p...ersonality and the spirit. His age isn't an issue. He looked terrific in Iron Man. He's a great actor, that's the point."

Žinot, o man jis irgi patinka. Gal tikrai visai nieko būtų? Šiaip tiks visi, kad tik būtų ekranizuotos Kronikos :D (kai ji sakė the p...ersonality, jaučiu, norėjo pasakyti potency :DDD)

3 komentarai:

  1. nu, man jis nelabai, bet sutinku su nuomone, kad tiks bet kas, kad tik ekranizuotu :)

  2. bet gerai anne pastebejo - downey tkr impish:DDD va koks zodis tinka jam apibudint, visada sukosi ant liezuvio galo:DDD butu be galo idomu kaip gi jo lestatas atrodytu...gal ne taip ir blogai visgi? ;D

  3. ale idomu ar is jo blonda padarytu XDDD


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