2009 m. lapkričio 12 d., ketvirtadienis

Anne, vampyrai ir kindle

Well, I got my new Kindle today, and started playing with it, searching through Angel Time for all mention of a certain character's name. I just loved the feel of the thing. How many of you read on kindle?

Marius would indeed enjoy a kindle, having been through scrolls, codices and printed books in his 2,000. But Lestat wouldn't like kindle. He likes to lie on the floor by the window and read by moonlight. Armand? He'd probably love kindle. Gabrielle? She's never bother with learning how to work it. Maharet? She loves it. Louis does not like kindles. He doesn't like connecting to anything or anyone. David Talbot has several, but still loves his leatherbound books. Mona Mayfair will try anything. The ghost of Oncle Julien has found a kindle and is loving it, much to the torment of the mortal who owns it and can't figure out what is happening to the kindle.

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