2013 m. liepos 25 d., ketvirtadienis

Keli eilėraščiai ir mirtis

On earth

Ressurection of the little apple tree outside
My window, leaf -
light of late
in the April
called her eyes, forget
forget -
but how
How does one go
about dying?
Who on earth
is going to teach me -
The world
is filled with people
who have never died


The black balloon
tied to her wrist again, thin hand
an inch above the white
white sheet

The body
a word to be said
into death, one
which no one else knows
completely her own -

Night just the shadow of her hell

Excerpt from "Childhood's appointment"

The closer I get to death, the more I love the earth, the thought
introduced itself as I sat shivering on my old park bench before
the dusk fog; as it is, I suppose, to every human being
who has ever lived
past forty.

Franz Wright (1953)

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